huahine 2006

Erfahrungsaustausch zu Reisen in Australien, Neuseeland oder zu den paradiesischen Inseln im Pazifik
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huahine 2006

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We are going to travel through French Polynesia in October 2006.
We are looking for a place to stay on Huahine. Has anybody stayed at the Beach Cottages/Tents of « FARE IE » or «New FARE IE PAREA »? Is it a nice place to stay? It seems that they are operated by the same couple but as far as I understand, they are situated at diffent corners of the island.
Would be great to hear from someone who has already stayes there.
Thank you!
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bis oktober ist es ja nicht mehr so lang hin.... da wuerde ich auf der mein glück probieren mit dieser anfrage