Guide-sharing in Jerusalem 2-4. December

Reisen zwischen Ost und West - wo kann ich hin, was muss ich beachten
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Guide-sharing in Jerusalem 2-4. December

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We are a German couple and plan to visit Israel next week.

After visiting friends in Tel Aviv, we want to experience Jerusalem.
We will arrive there early on Sunday 4. December and plan to leave Tuesday evening, 6. December.
My wife and I are interested in everything: people, neighborhoods, historical and religious sites (all religions).

We know that without a tour guide such trip makes little sense. Nevertheless, we dislike big groups, so I checked for private tour guides.
Those are available, but costly (app. 350 USD per day). Guide language is mostly English, German might be complicated.

We would love to share such private tour guide with another couple. If you are interested, please contact us ASAP.

Please contact us under
I will check my mails regularly.
By the way, we will not be available between next Sunday and Wednesday, as we will sail non-stop from Turkey to Israel. I hope we can find a partner before.